Featured Chilli - The Peter Pepper

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A picture paints a thousand words! this is capsicum annuum commonly known as the 'peter pepper' or more popularly dubbed the 'penis pepper' or 'penis chilli' for somewhat obvious reasons.

Despite the word "pepper" it is actually a species of chilli, the plant is a native of the southern states of the USA.

Traditionally grown as an ornamental chilli for fun due to its phallic resemblance this variety is considered rare, however you can still find stocks available from online stores such as The Chilli Seed Store and  The Chilli Seed Bank

This chilli grows in 3 varieties: red, orange and yellow and makes a great gift, especially for its value as a conversation piece!  It is considered medium-hot on the scoville scale.

This species produces good yields of fruit if grown correctly ( for tips on growing chillies check our article on the subject here ). Peter Pepper pods will turn red when mature at around 90 days. The plants prefer some shade and shelter from the wind.

You can buy Peter Pepper seeds online :

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